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Whatsapp And Facebook Jokes Picture

Pappu: What Is The Difference Between Coffee
Shop And Wine Shop?

Chintu: Coffee Shop Is Starting Point Of Love
And Wine Shop Is Last Point Of Love..


Funny Maggi Jokes Hindi

funny maggi jokes hindi wallpaper whatsapp and fb

Chintu Se Interview Mein Poocha Gaya
Agar 2 Minute Ke Liye Aapko PM Bana Diya Jaye To Aap Kya Karenge?
Chintu: Hum Maggi Noodles Banayenge.
Interviewer: Why??
Chintu: 2 Minute Mein Toh Sirf Maggi Hi Ban Sakti Hai
Interviewer: Agar Paanch Saal Ke Liye Bana Diya Jaaye To??
Chintu: Hum Paanch Saal Ke Liye PM Nahi Banenge.
Interviewer: Why??
Chintu: Itni Maggi Kaun Khayega.??