April Fools Status

April Fool Whatsapp Picture For Group

Best Relationships Needs No Promises,
No Demands And No Expectations…
It Just Needs Two People.
One Fool Like You
And One Cool Like Me.
Happy April Fool

I May Forget To Wish You On Holi,
Diwali, Cristmas Or Even New Year
But I Am Very Thankful To God That
I Remember And Wish You On A Very Special
Day Meant For People Like You.
Happy April Fool

My Dear Friend, Come Immediately I Have Caught An Accident

And My Bike Would Be Coverted Into Aeroplane.

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God Made Day Light And Called It Sun
God made entertainment and called it Fun;
God made night light and called it Moon;
God made a You and called it Cartoon.
Happy April Fool

Life’s Like A Movie.
If You Are Sad: Drama,
If You Are Afraid: Suspense,
If You Are Angry: Action,
If You Look In Mirror: Comedy
Now You Are Smiling.
That’s Horror
Happy April Fool

My Friend I Have a Good News, I Am Joining Multi National Company After One Day.You Know That You Are The First Fool. Because Tomorrow Is 1st April.

This Is Good To Hear That, Forever There Is One Heart Beating For You, You Know Whose?
You,My First Fool On The Day Of April Fool

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Please Read This Message Tomorrow…

How Silly, I Know U Can’t Wait
So This Once For You !!
U R The 1st Lucky Fool of 2013.

April Fool Photo Sms Whatsapp

U Know U R The BEST Person In This World!!

BEST Means….

B As In Bundlebaaj
E As In Egoistic
S As In Sadu
T As In Total Fool
Happy April Fool Day !!

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Whatever The Occasion

Either 1 April Or Not,

You Remain The King Of Fool.

Happy April Fools Day To You And Your family..

Funny April Fools Day Picture Sms

S: Sharp
I: Inventive
S: Sugared
T: Talented
E: Excellent
R: Romantic And Charming

It’s Right, I Am Your Sweet Sister

Happy April Fools Day

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