Whatsapp And Facebook Jokes With Picture

Whatsapp And Facebook Jokes For Group And Wall
Post With Wallpaper Really Funny In English.
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Whatsapp And Facebook Jokes Picture

Pappu: What Is The Difference Between Coffee
Shop And Wine Shop?

Chintu: Coffee Shop Is Starting Point Of Love
And Wine Shop Is Last Point Of Love..


Funny Good Morning Shayari For Friends

Funny Good Morning Shayari For Friends,
Mother And Wife Jokes Hindi With Picture,
And Maa Aur Biwi Status Message.

Funny Good Morning Shayari FB Picture Facebook And Whatsapp

Baccha Jab Paida Hota Hain To
Maa Uske Sir Pe Haath Pherti Hain
To Baal Badhna Shuru Hote Hain
Aur Shaadi Ke Baad Biwi Sir Pe Haath
Pherti Hain Baal Udna Chaalu Ho Jaate Hain
Prabhu Teri Maya Koi Samajh Nahi Paaya
Kahin Dhoop Kahin Chaanya…


Best Life Quotes For Whatsapp

Best Life Quotes For Whatsapp And Happy Life
Saying For Wall And DP With Profile Picture. Ego
And Sorry Sms Message With Wallpaper.

Life Whatsapp Quotes Saying Picture Group

Life Always Lies Between Ego & Affection.
Affection Says, “Let’s Say Sorry”.But, Ego Says,
“Let Them Say Sorry”.
Identifying The Difference Can Save Relation.